Cassette Machine AKK

Cassette machine AKK is designed for producing facade cassettes.


  • steel (EN 10130) plain, galvanized or pre-painted, thickness max. 1,5 mm
  • stainless steel (EN14301), thickness max 1,0 mm
  • aluminium and coated aluminium, thickness max. 1,5 mm

Machine includes:

  • corner notching unit KUKO
  • folding unit AKK
  • tooling for manufacturing LSK100 & 200 type of cassettes

Technical Specifications:

Min length of the cassette 300 mm Max length of the cassette 2 500 mm
Min width of the cassette 300 mm Max width of the cassette 1 200 mm
LSK 100 (heights 20 mm, 30 mm) LSK 200 (height 25 mm)

Corner Notching Unit KUKO

On the Corner notching unit KUKO two corners of the blank are notched simultaneously with perforation of one long and one short side of it. After rotating the blank the other two corners are notched and perforations done similarly operating the work cycle by pressing foot pedal. The backstops and tooling locations are adjusted manually. The work table surface has ball rollers to guarantee scratch free sheet rotation.

Folding Unit AKK

The fully CNC controlled Folding unit AKK with its special backstop system is operated from the unit backside if compared to normal folding machines. The unit works with sectionalized blades matching each cassette type. When the blank is rotated on the work table backstops go automatically down to avoid scratching of blanks. Bodywork and hydraulics are same solid LSK system as the HK and KST machines. The operation is easy. Operator gives to programme unit cassette type code width and length of the cassette to be produced. The machine adjusts automatically all folding angles, backstop positions and upper beam moves for quick start of production.