Folding Machine KSTPR

Double folder KSTPR is the hydraulic machine with backstops and support rollers on the both ends of the folding apron.
Welded steel frame provides a strong body for sheets bending. The machine is equipped with a complete working cycle.

VP5000PC 3D software good knows from other automated machines is responsible for controlling the machine.

VP5000PC 3D software is easy to use and can be customized individually. Network Interface allows remote access to libraries and profiles editing, import and export are easy.

Technical specifications:

Sheet length 3 000 mm
Sheet thickness (EN10130) 0,4 – 1,0 mm
Folding angle up&down 0 – 135°
Upper beam stroke 0 – 150 mm
Working height 1 000 mm
Backstop’s stroke 5 – 1 250 mm
Backstop’s speed 1 m / 2 s
Folding speed (limited) 40° / s
Hydraulic pressure 180 bar
Motors power 8,5 kW
Weight of the machine 5 500 kg

Software is installed on a panel PC with Windows Embedded operating system. PC is connected to a Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC controlling the KST double bending machine.

Panel PC information:

  • 19” TFT touchscreen
  • Windows Embedded Standard operating system
  • 1,9GHz Intel® Celeron®
  • 1 GB Ram
  • Ethernet network connection (10/100 Mbit, RJ45)
  • Protection class IP65
  • Protected against power failures
  • 80 GB hard disk
  • USB connector on front panel (for memory stick)
  • Remote maintenance and updates (optional)

VP5000PC Software:


  • In addition to Standard profile library it is possible to create user libraries
  • Profiles are created visually in edit mode by touch to touch, by adding lengths and angles
  • Bending order and direction can be visually edited on the screen
  • Profiles can be added to and removed from the libraries
  • Profiles can be moved or copied from one library to another
  • Profile to be run can be selected from the library by touching the icon on the screen
  • Profile libraries can be imported/exported from/to another machine
  • Before run it is possible to set the quantity counter
  • Bending of the profile can be simulated and checked on the display before the run
  • Shape of profile can be changed by touching the profile table on the screen (angle, length, lift height etc.)
  • Running parameters for new materials can be created. For each material it is possible to create an angle correction table to eliminate the spring back effects of the material.
  • List programming mode. Profile information can be entered row by row using back gauge distances and angles (no simulation and profile display)
  • In Manual mode it is possible to set one back gauge distance and bend angle. Upper tool and bending beams can be controlled using joysticks below the PC panel.
  • Service-, lubrication interval- and operation hour counters
  • Service mode
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Emergency stop cable along the machine
  • Duty disable switch
  • Area protection fences