Recoiler HSPK

The recoiler HSPK is designed for loading the sheet with the maximum thickness up to 3,0 mm to the coil(s).

  • The machine has rigid steel made base frame.
  • The power transmission has been carried out with the roll chain from electric motor to the axle of the coil.
  • Blade movement of coil is carried out with hydraulic unit which in the machine.
  • In front of the recoiler is a hydraulic brake, which adjusts the tightness of the sheet.
  • Electro-hydraulic recoiler follows the line feed speed automatically guided by frequency converter.
  • The recoiler operates also in manual drive.
  • The machine has electric cabinet with distance control.
  • Support table, presser for coils and sheets mechanical clamp available also.

Technical specifications:

Coils widths 1 300 / 1 500 mm
Sheet thickness (EN10130) 0,4 – 3,0 mm
Coils weights 5 000 – 10 000 kg
Coils inner diameter 610 mm
Recoiling speed (standard) 0 – 40 m/min

  • Emergency stop switches
  • Coils presser

Coil car LTV 
The changing of the sheet coils is done with help of the coil car. The coil car moves with hydraulic motor. The lifting and lowering is carried out with two hydraulic cylinders.

Coil cars automatic station

Recoilers for scrap strip, type JR